Upgrades: everything you need to know

Upgrades: everything you need to know  

One of the questions we are often asked is how do I upgrade and what upgrade options are available?  

Every provider is different, but Remtek Systems provide an upgrades PDF to students highlighting models, specifications and descriptions.   

Once we receive your information, we will enter your details into our database, and a confirmation letter or email will be sent to you. This usually happens within 24 hours of receiving your order.  

At this point, you can contact us to arrange delivery and have the opportunity to upgrade your order. Any upgrades will need to be paid for by you and won’t be covered by your grant. The £200 contribution towards the computer system is also payable at this point.  

For NHS and SAAS students, we would take your payment details and arrange delivery.  

Payments may be made by:  

  • Sending a cheque in the post  
  • BACS Transfer  
  • Payment by Debit Card can be made over the phone  

All laptops are subject to availability, and we encourage you to research the computer for full specs before purchasing.   

What happens after confirmation?

After the order confirmation and upgrade selections, we progress onto delivery and installation.  

Once you have received the email stating the order has been processed, please give Remtek Systems a call on 0161 745 8353 or email: admin@remtek-online.co.uk and one of our Admin Team will be happy to take payments and book a delivery date and time. In addition, an orientation session will be booked. All orders are fulfilled within ten working days of any contribution and/or upgrade payment being made if applicable. View our upgrade options here.

Get involved

If you are a student, industry professional or DSA business we would like you to get involved. We’re always looking for feedback and ‘Student Champions’ for Remtek Students to improve the student journey. 

If you have advice or information that could be useful to students get in touch today. Contact Danielle at danielle@clickstartmarketing.org.

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0161 745 8353


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