Study smarter with Read&Write

Study smarter with Read&Write

If you’ve been recommended Read&Write by an assessor, you may be wondering how exactly it can help you when completing your course. Read&Write is a literacy support toolbar with a range of features to help you when studying.

From reading and comprehension help, to tools for writing and research, we’re here to help you get to know the software better. Starting with a brief introduction to the many ways the toolbar can support you and improve your learning experience.

Supporting reading and comprehension

Read&Write has many features to support reading. The toolbar’s text-to-speech feature allows you to hear text being read aloud. With dual coloured highlighting, you can also track what’s being read aloud on screen.

The screen masking feature allows you to change the screen colour to suit specific prescription colours. It can also be used with the reading ruler to make tracking easier, helping you to digest large bodies of text. And if you ever need to check the meaning of a word, the built-in dictionary feature can help. Saving you from having to leave your work to look up a word elsewhere.

Organisation, research and study tools

Read&Write has a range of organisation and research features to help you to study smarter and work more efficiently. Whether it’s assignments or revision, the toolbar has great features which can help you to organise your work, providing more time to focus on your learning.

The highlights feature can help you to organise your notes and research. Use the four different coloured highlighters to pull out key text that you’re reading on screen. Then whenever you’re ready, click ‘collect highlights’ to generate a condensed version of all the notes you’ve highlighted. It will even generate a bibliography which references each source.

If you’ve ever been given an inaccessible document such as an image file, you could use Read&Write’s scan feature to change this text into an accessible format. Once you’ve done this, you can use the features within Read&Write to continue working in your normal way.

There’s even an audio maker feature which allows you to convert large volumes of text into MP3 files. Making it easier to listen to your notes on the go.

Improve writing accuracy and speed

Are you studying medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, midwifery, nursing, veterinary, engineering or law? If so, the Read&Write for Professionals add-on could help you when completing written tasks. With over 120,000 extra faculty-specific words built into the vocabulary list, this add-on can be used with the Prediction and Check It features within the toolbar.

With word prediction, you can see a list of predicted words as you type. You can even hover over these words to hear them read aloud, before placing them within your sentence. This could help you to write more efficiently. With Check It, you can be sure there are no spelling or grammar errors, providing an added safety net before you submit your final work.

Learn how Read&Write for Professionals helped Josephine whilst she was studying medicine.

Take a toolbar tour

So far, we’ve only mentioned a few of the great features within the Read&Write toolbar. Discover more features by taking an interactive tour of the toolbar yourself. You may even spot a feature or two which could really help you when completing assignments and research.

 Take a feature tour

Getting Started

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