Student Mental Health and University Mental Health Day

Student Mental Health and University Mental Health Day

This month we celebrated University Mental Health Day and at Remtek we’re thinking about students struggling throughout the pandemic and those students who are considering heading off to university in September.

We explore everything from mental health to student wellbeing.

For many prospective students this is likely to be your first time living away from home. The thought of which can be daunting. Beyond the day-to-day essentials such as bedding and crockery thought needs to be given to preparing psychologically and supporting mental wellbeing at university.

Here’s our top tips on settling into university in 2022:

Talk to those around you – If you are feeling anxious or worried have a chat with your friends or family. There is always someone on hand to help. The universities and online resources also offer a range of facilitates to help guide you and offer advice if you’re struggling.

Remember you’re not alone and many students are in the same position as you.

Get plenty of rest – It’s important to get enough sleep during your studies. Try regulating your waking and sleeping times and if you need help relaxing take up a popular hobby such as yoga or reading.

Write down any to dos that you have for the next day so that you don’t stress about forgetting them through the night.

Eat a balanced diet – Eat regular and balanced meals and be sure to drink plenty of water. A good diet is all part of a stress free, healthy lifestyle.

Look after your environment – Clutter and mess can cause unnecessary worry. Try to keep your room and space around you and your work tidy. Take time to explore the outdoors and get plenty of fresh air.

In an effort to help reduce student worries we shared some of the questions that we have been getting asked by students in month’s mental health article, viewable here.

For any other concerns send us a message, we’re happy to help.

Student Minds

Last month we also highlighted the resources that are available via the UK’s student mental health charity, Student Minds including:

  • Student Space
  • Men’s Mental Health
  • The Wellbeing Thesis
  • Transition into university
  • Starting university
  • Exam stress
  • LGBTQ+
  • Looking after your mental wellbeing
  • Year abroad
  • Student finance
  • Support through a family health crisis
  • Coping with Student Life​

Remtek Students and Mental Health

Remtek is leading the DSA industry through bespoke student support during these challenges times. Our Assistive Technology trainers are all trained in student wellbeing and offer informative training sessions that work around each student’s unique requirements.

If you have a question or need signposting to further help don’t be afraid to ask for support on your training session. We’re here to help!

No question is silly, and chances are another student is looking for the same answers as you.

If your concern is around exams, Student Minds has a great resource section available here.

Need more information on our DSA services?

If you are a student and would like to book training or equipment delivery contact our admin team on 0161 745 8353 or email us at

Get involved

If you are a student, industry professional or DSA business we would like you to get involved. We’re always looking for feedback and ‘Student Champions’ for Remtek Students to improve the student journey. 

If you have advice or information that could be useful to students get in touch today. Contact Danielle at

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0161 745 8353


0161 745 8353


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