Same but Different

Same but Different

When it comes to education, some of us don’t fit the mould. We may struggle to access learning materials or communicate what we’ve learned. That’s because we all think, learn and express ourselves differently.

At Texthelp, we want to support neurodivergent students in accessing the help and support available through the DSA. We know you want to do the same.

Earlier this year we partnered with Censuswide to ask neurodivergent university students around the UK about their awareness of the DSA. We wanted to know if they had applied for support, and if they hadn’t what was stopping them.

32% of the students who had not applied for the DSA said they had not heard of it or they didn’t know they were eligible for support.

Three quarters of the neurodivergent students we surveyed said that  DSA support (such as receiving assistive technology) would be (or is) beneficial for their academic studies. 

Over 50% of neurodivergent students feel more could be done to increase awareness of their learning needs at university.

By raising awareness of the DSA and how it supports neurodivergent students, we can help many more students fulfill their potential.

This is why we’re launching the Same but Different campaign.

With this campaign we want to celebrate the potential of neurodivergent students. We understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to learning. We can use different tools to achieve the same goal.

Join us in raising awareness of how the DSA and assistive technology can support students on their learning journey. Take a look at our latest report and share with your colleagues.

View the full report here!

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