Terms & Conditions: Applicable to DSA students only

It is a condition of placing your order with us, that you accept the below terms and conditions

Placing your order

If you’re DSA funding is being processed by Student Finance England (SFE) or Student Finance Wales (SFW) we will need a copy of your DSA 2 letter. We are normally unable to proceed without this document. This can be sent to us in the following manner

If your DSA funding is not being processed by Student Finance England (SFE) or Student Finance Wales (SFW) you should call us for guidance on 0161 745 8353 or email orders@remtek-online.co.uk. For example, you maybe an NHS student or your Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) is being funded in another way in this case you will not have been sent a DSA2 letter. In this situation you may be required to pay before arranging any delivery.

On receipt of all the appropriate paperwork i.e. DSA2 letter we will acknowledge via email or alternate method chosen by you, as part of this acknowledgement we will request that you review these terms and conditions. Processing of your order is based on you accepting these Terms and Conditions. Shortly after receiving this acknowledgement, we will contact you requesting that you contact us to place your order. This can be completed by telephone or email. You can also delegate to a named third party if you prefer.

Currently, students who are awarded a computer will need to pay a £200 contribution to the cost of the computer. This will need to be paid before we can arrange delivery, setup and familiarisation. After payment is made, a receipted invoice will be produced.

Remtek Systems Ltd do not choose or recommend your equipment or software and we are not responsible for the suitability of the equipment for your application or its intended use. It is important that you check your list of equipment, and if you have any queries you are required to contact us without delay. After arranging a timed appointment for the delivery, including set up and familiarisation or delivery only. You will receive confirmation of the appointment date and time or despatch details by email. It is important that you further check both the items on the order and the delivery appointment. If you notice any discrepancies, have any questions, wish to make any changes to your order or change the delivery appointment you must contact us. This is your final opportunity to make changes, after this we will prepare your computer system to you particular requirements and order any non-stock items for you.

We request that you clear a space where the equipment can be set up or ask someone to help you. If you are awaiting delivery of a desk you may wish to delay installation of the equipment however we are pleased to set up the equipment where you require it.


We aim to deliver equipment by offering you a delivery date no later than 10 working days from the day that you contact us and you are in a position to arrange delivery. i.e. after all pre-sales enquiries are resolved and any remaining costs paid for or the funding agreed for them. You can request a date outside that timescale, if required.

Delivery, set up and familiarisation

Our appointments are all made for a specific time with delivery, set up and familiarisation taking place at the same time. We will arrive as close to the agreed time as possible and you will need to be available for 1 hour to 2 hour appointment, depending on the equipment being delivered. This will be performed by one of our in house technicians. In order to ensure conformity to our standards, we do not use third party installers. You should be available at the time of delivery in order to sign any documentation and have familiarisation on your equipment. We do not offer training on the same day as your delivery, however we can make a special arrangement for this if required.

If due to unforeseen circumstances you are not available you can delegate to a named third party. We are unable to deliver to another person without prior arrangements made by you. It is therefore important that you contact us as soon as possible.


All equipment is unpacked, connected and all the connections tested included network/ internet connection, if applicable.


Immediately after the equipment is set up we will demonstrate briefly the core & assistive technology and how that software and hardware interact. In addition to this we will give an overview of the operating system. We will explain the importance of data back up and how to access after sales software and hardware support.

We will explain the importance of data back up and how to access after sales software and hardware support.

Delivery Only

Your order may only require delivery and this will usually be made by post or a courier service. In certain circumstances and at our discretion we reserve the right to deliver to a time appointment system. In this situation you should be available at the time of delivery in order to sign any documentation such as the equipment list. You can delegate to a named third party if you prefer. You will have the opportunity to ask any further questions.


A separate warranty document is available here; the following is intended to give you an overview of the key points only. You can request a paper copy of the full warranty document.

This warranty, if funded, is additional to any manufacturer warranty and is specifically tailored to DSA students. It does not cover manufacturers’ defects or what we consider to be normal wear and tear. It does not cover accidental or gross misuse This warranty is the part of our support package which is intended to cover repairs which are not cause by accidental damage (This may be covered by your Insurance). You can expect that return-to- base repairs will be completed within three weeks. As part of the repair in our workshop we will give you the option of having a loan computer. It is your responsibility to contact us promptly if you need warranty support.

This warranty will usually cover your computer, printer/scanner and digital recorder. Certain other items may be covered by the warrant agreement or a by separate agreement. It is intended to last the full length of your course however it is your responsibility to check that it does and contact us before delivery if this does not appear to be the case.

Should you take breaks in your course either planned or unplanned you will need to check before you recommence your study that you still have warranty cover for the remainder of your course. If you are not covered or notice that your warranty will not cover you for the remainder of your course we may be able to extend your warranty. In this situation you should contact your assessment centre.

Warranties are not automatically renewed and it is your responsibility to confirm any extension. Remtek Systems does not cover data loss however this has occurred.


During your warranty period while you are a student, Remtek will provide a comprehensive support package on hardware and software. It is designed around the need of disabled students. It is only provided to students who have purchased or have funding for a repair warranty. Situations covered include how to reinstall software or need to reinstall scanner or printer drivers. It may also cover specific advice on the use of assistive software. Remtek offers support via the following methods: on-line, email, telephone support and in some cases and at our discretion on-site visit.

Support can only be given on the computer or software you bought from us. At our discretion it can be provided on a new computer if supplied by ourselves. However the support we give will cease at the same time as original support package expired. Support is only provided on the understanding that that you have backed up your data and that you accept that data loss can occur during a support call and will not hold Remtek responsible for and data loss.


You may have been funded for insurance under your DSA. Insurance is not automatically funded. If you have any queries about the status of your insurance cover you should contact one of our administrators. Remtek Systems Limited does not provide insurance but provide documents to a broker so that they can arrange insurance cover with an insurance company. This is to ensure that you will have cover from the day you receive the equipment.

You will be provided with a policy from the insurance company via the broker, the following is a summary of the key facts. If you do not receive the policy shortly after delivery of your equipment please contact the broker directly. Remtek Systems Limited has no contractual obligation or responsibility for your insurance other than providing a dedicated member of staff who is available to advise and help you with claims or queries with regard to your insurance cover The following is provided as a guide for your convenience.

If your order was placed before 1st February 2020, your insurance will be provided by Trent Services.

You can contact them by phone (01285 626020) and ask for the claims department. Or email them at gadgetclaims@trent-services.co.uk

For insurance claims for orders placed after 1st February 2020 go to If you are not able to make a claim online or would like to speak to a member of the claims office, you can email claims@specialty-risks.com or call 03301 000 713.

Exclusions to this policy include but are not limited to: Theft from unlocked/unsecured premises or vehicles, or if an item is lost or misplaced. Claims need to be made within 28 days of the occurrence of the insured event. Full details of the claims procedure can be found in your policy document. Loan equipment may be issued only after the insurance company agrees that there is a valid claim. It is your responsibility to read and thoroughly understand the terms and conditions of your policy document please refer to your policy document.

The dedicated member of staff for insurance enquiries is Phil Key. Email contact: phil@remtek-online.co.uk or by telephone 0161 745 8353 option 2.

Data & Data Loss

Remtek Systems Ltd are not responsible for any data loss on your computer. It is entirely your responsibility to back up your data and we suggest that you do this on a regular basis to an external source, not only on the hard drive of your computer. Any repairs will be undertaken on the assumption that you have backed up your data. Any backup made by our technicians in the course of a repair is for your convenience.

If you have any data on your computer, which you value for any reason, you should back it up yourself before you contact our technician’s, if you do not do this you accept that data loss could occur. Once your equipment leaves your premises, the security of data cannot be guaranteed by any third party. While there is insurance cover for goods in transit and while on our premises, this only applies to theft or damage to your equipment and does not cover data loss which is your responsibility.

During a warranty repair we will make all efforts to recover all course related data however this cannot be guaranteed. In accepting this equipment you accept that irrecoverable data loss can occur. The warranty and support package does not fund the use of a specialist data recovery company or software.


Our full complaints policy is available on our website, the technician will show you where this is located on your computer as part of the familiarisation. A paper version can be supplied on request.

The details of the issue will be passed to the line manager of the appropriate department. The line manager of that department will acknowledge the complaint by email and/or post and if required contact you to obtain a more information. They will investigate the matter and reply to you within 10 working days unless you have stated that the matter is urgent and we concur, where prompt action will be taken.

If you are not happy with the action taken to deal with your complaint, you can email Mark Farrar. Please provide as much information about the matter. The matter will be fully investigated and you will receive an answer within 10 working days.

If you are still not happy with our response you have the option of speaking to your disability officer at your university or your assessment centre. If this does not resolve the matter to your satisfaction you then have the option of raising the matter with Student Finance, who can further investigate if we have not followed correct procedures. Student Finance will consult with all the other parties and make a final decision.

Disability Awareness

All staff are given general disability awareness training and further specialist disability awareness training according to the duties they are required to perform. However we are not given any details of your disability by your funding body, assessment centre or students support.

You may wish inform us of your disability if you think it has any relevance to the services we provide. We specifically do not record this information permanently and you may need to inform our staff each time you contact us. We are very happy to tailor our services to suit your requirements. If this requires substantial adaptations to suit your particular needs we may need to contact your assessment centre for extra funding. If you have any questions, we encourage to you contact us in these circumstances and discuss this.

Liability Exclusions

We are not responsible for any loss as a direct or indirect result of the equipment or the ancillary services we supply. It is a condition of accepting this equipment that you understand that faults can occur for a number of reasons and can occur at any time during the lifetime of the equipment.


Where Remtek is supplying the equipment, training can commence within 10 working days of delivery unless otherwise requested by the customer. Training will be delivered face to face or via remote access. Training method will be specified by the student and/or by the assessor. Training sessions will be limited to a maximum of one 2 hour session per day unless otherwise requested by the student. Email contact: Training@remtek-online.co.uk