Overview of student mental health and Student Minds Resources

Overview of student mental health and Student Minds Resources

The ongoing pandemic is affecting student mental health in many ways. As part of our commitment to better support for DSA students we have decided to create useful content to help you through these challenging times and guide you to appropriate resources.

We were interested to see that Mind’s coronavirus survey results revealed the following:

  • Nearly one in three adults (30%) and over one in three young people (34%) said that their mental health has got much worse during the pandemic.
  • Over half of young people (59%) said they will enjoy school, college or university more once restrictions ease. But around one in five (21%) do not think they will enjoy school, college or university without restrictions.
  • Young people want more information and education about mental health in school, college, university or work.

In an effort to help reduce these worrying statistics we are sharing some of the questions that we have been getting asked by students:

Do I need to wear a mask during lectures?

As of January 27, students, staff and visitors at universities no longer need to wear masks, although Government guidance still says universities and colleges can use them “voluntarily”.

Are my lectures and seminars face to face?

Every university has a different way of teaching and even within universities there may be some differences across courses. This may depend on how much practical and in person learning your university thinks each course needs. It is best to check this out with your university directly.

Your teaching may be:

  • all in person
  • mostly online learning
  • a combination of online and in person learning

if you contract coronavirus and need to self-isolate you can ask your university if they can accommodate online learning.

Will my finances be affected by the pandemic?

The below pages have guidance on how to deal with student finance during the pandemic:

Will my DSA be affected?

    Our student feedback section showcases how we have reacted to feedback during the pandemic.

    Last year we caught up with Software Trainer and Computer Engineer, Thomas Jackson to find out about the shift to virtual to support students during the pandemic. Many of these services are still available to Remtek Students. Visit the appropriate pages for more information on our virtual setups and virtual bookings.

    What resources are available to support student mental health?

    Student Minds is the UK’s student mental health charity, empowering students and members of the university community to look after their own mental health, support others and create change.

    Student Minds Resources

    • Student Space
    • Men’s Mental Health
    • The Wellbeing Thesis
    • Transition into university
    • Starting university
    • Exam stress
    • LGBTQ+
    • Looking after your mental wellbeing
    • Year abroad
    • Student finance
    • Support through a family health crisis
    • Coping with Student Life​

    Need more information?

    If you are a student and would like to book training or equipment delivery contact our admin team on 0161 745 8353 or email us at admin@remtek-online.co.uk

    Get involved

    If you are a student, industry professional or DSA business we would like you to get involved. We’re always looking for feedback and ‘Student Champions’ for Remtek Students to improve the student journey. 

    If you have advice or information that could be useful to students get in touch today. Contact Danielle at danielle@clickstartmarketing.org.

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