Meet Emily, a DSA student

Meet Emily, a DSA student

We spoke to a recent graduate about her experience applying for and receiving support from the DSA. In this video blog, Emily shares what it was like applying for the DSA, the assistive technology she received, what her favourite features were and how the DSA helped her on her learning journey.

Assistive technology

Emily’s DSA application was accepted, and she was provided with assistive software to help during her time at university. The tools she received were Audio NoteTaker, Dragon and Texthelp’s Read&Write.

After some training sessions that helped her get to grips with each tool, Emily recounts how having these tools at her fingertips made an immediate difference to her confidence.

“Going into a lecture and being confident enough to use [the tools] and trust that they would work was a big step.”

She also commended the training she received from AT specialists.

“I think it helped because the training was so practical. They’re not just telling you what you need to do; you’re actually using the tools as they talk you through it. Rather than just being told this button does this or this button does that.”

Hear Emily’s full story and view video interviews here. 

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