Global AutoCorrect – proven to increase students’ recall by 18%!

Global AutoCorrect – proven to increase students’ recall by 18%!

Independent Research Study 

Dr Trevor Humby of Cardiff University’s School of Psychology has studied the benefits of Global AutoCorrect. His research showed that Global AutoCorrect improved dyslexic students’ information recall by 18%, bringing them in line with their non-dyslexic peers.

This research has also been published in the distinguished academic journal, Dyslexia. You can read the full report here.

The Theory

  • We know dyslexic people have a smaller working memory.
  • We know spelling takes up a larger proportion of that working memory for dyslexic people.
  • So even if it wasn’t obvious to the writer, surely spelling and red underlines disrupted the writing processes that used working memory?

Dr Humby took a cross-section of dyslexic students and gave them a writing task, with and without Global AutoCorrect.  Their performance improved hugely using Global AutoCorrect – from 55% to 65%. And as you can see, it brought their scores in line with their non-dyslexic peers.

Global AutoCorrect

Not just for Dyslexic Students  

Global AutoCorrect was created by Neil Cottrell, founder of LexAble. Severely dyslexic himself, Neil wanted to help people who found spelling as difficult as he does. And research findings show it’s not just those with dyslexia Global AutoCorrect can help –it can assist anyone who reports spelling as a problem.

To find out more about how Global AutoCorrect can help you, get in touch today.

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