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Ergonomics quite simply put is the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment, and is the science that seeks to adapt working conditions to suit the worker.

Our highly trained and experienced ergonomic experts aim to design a suitable working environment by specifying specialist and more standardised items, to lessen the effect of the particular condition that the individual experiences. This ensures that the student can minimise physical effort or discomfort whilst at the same time maximising efficiency.

As one of the country’s leading DSA suppliers, we are highly knowledgeable of the process, and all equipment that a student can use such as Assistive Technology and can aid the student at every point to ensure a fast reliable service.

Upon receiving a referral we will contact the student and arrange for an onsite assessment at a time and place convenient to the student to be carried out by one of our ergonomic specialists.

We cover most of England and Wales, whether the student is in Carlisle, Brighton, Newcastle, Aberystwyth, or anywhere in between, we can offer the same high level of service from start to finish.

Onsite Ergonomic Assessment

We provide a professional onsite evaluation in partnership with DSA assessors to create an ergonomic working environment designed around the individual requirements of our clients. The evaluation can be carried out at the location of the students choosing, however preferably would be at their main study environment.

During the assessment, we will usually demonstrate 3 – 4 chairs, along with measuring the available workspace if a desk is required. In addition, we provide a variety of specialist mice, keyboards, stands, document holders etc. which will be demonstrated.

As well as this we will discuss with the student how good posture is key to working effectively, with practical guidance to enhance their current set-up.

Our assessment procedure follows a 75 point plan to ensure that all aspects of their working environment are designed around their individual requirements.

Recommendations of ergonomic equipment will be made where necessary, and improvements to the current environment discussed also.

Report and Quote

Following the assessment, we will produce a comprehensive ergonomic report including images of all relevant products, we explain why said products would be relevant to the student’s individual requirements and also refer to any specific medical issues which the student agrees to. We will also provide a separate quotation for goods and services.

This will be sent to you within 2-3 days.

Delivery, Setup and Instruction

Once the student has sent us their approval document our team will arrange for an appointment to deliver and set-up the equipment at a time and place suitable for the student.

During the appointment, all ergonomic equipment will be assembled and tested, and all packaging will be removed from the premises if requested.

We can re-setup the computer system in line with the ergonomic equipment at this time also

Furthermore, our highly trained engineers will adjust the equipment to fit the student’s requirements perfectly, and also discuss how to adjust the equipment when necessary. Occasionally when necessary, our ergonomic assessor will accompany the engineer, especially when the student requests it.

How to Contact

There are two ways to request an assessment:

Get Involved

Are you a student, industry professional or DSA business? We’re always looking for ‘Student Champions’ to get involved in supporting the student journey. If you have advice or information that could be useful to students get in touch today. 

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