Has much of the DSA service delivery had to change during the pandemic?

We’ve had many inquiries about changes in service delivery due to the current pandemic.

Remtek Systems have developed a seamless, one-stop-shop approach for students, which encourages take up. Our unique 5 step orientation process is one of a kind and ensures the student has support and guidance from the beginning.

We are the only provider to use our own, professionally trained engineers. These dedicated engineers are put through a vigorous training programme to enable them to support each student in the most effective way. They deliver an efficient setup followed by an introductory familiarization session.

We caught up with Software Trainer and Computer Engineer, Thomas Jackson to find out about the shift to virtual to support students during the pandemic.

Thanks for meeting with us again Thomas. In your opinion has much of the DSA service delivery had to change during the pandemic?

“The set up and orientation has changed with the ongoing crisis, but I advise students on both procedures. We also have articles on our virtual setups and virtual bookings.

If the setup and familiarisation can be completed face to face an engineer will arrive at the student’s address at a predetermined time with all their equipment. They will ask where the equipment needs to be set up and then shown to the room.

The engineer would then advise the student that it would be best if they watch the setup so they can see how everything is put together and ask questions if needed. All the hardware is then set up and connected.

Once complete and if applicable the engineer can then show the student how to use the printer and/or scanner. They will also go through a basic overview of the software and show the student that it is all installed and activated.

This is an ideal point for the student to ask any questions that they might have. A checklist is then completed which the student can see being ticked off, showing them they have received every item on the list.

The student then signs for the equipment and is asked if they have trained with Remtek Systems. If they do, the engineer asks if they know how to book the training or if they would like them to call the office and help book the training on their behalf.”

Getting Started

If you are a student and would like to book training or equipment delivery contact our admin team on 0161 745 8353 or email us at admin@remtek-online.co.uk

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