CPD revolution review

Thomas Jackson’s review on this week’s CPD Revolution!

“Thank you to the eQS Disability Support team for another great CPD Revolution event. Myself, Nick Dalli and Lester Walas attended and enjoyed the full experience. The day started with keynote speakers Liss Chard-Hall (ADHD-Autistic self-advocate) and Nikki Chard-Hall (Autistic self-advocate) providing insights into their lives and living with SPLDs. Both discussed the obstacles of navigating university with ADHD and the misconceptions of ADHD, including how ADHDers are viewed by society.

Throughout the day we attended 30-minute workshops on specific DSA software including software that we train on at Remtek Training. These were hosted by Present Pal, Glean, Mindview, Brain in hand and BOOOST. The event was very well-planned; giving us time to connect with old and new colleagues and software partners. It was great to discuss important industry news and update everyone on what we have been up to at Remtek Sytems.

Thank you again for allowing us to attend.”

Thomas Jackson – Remtek Systems Trainer

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If you are a student, industry professional or DSA business we would like you to get involved. We’re always looking for feedback and ‘Student Champions’ for Remtek Students to improve the student journey.

If you have advice or information that could be useful to students get in touch today. Contact Danielle at danielle@clickstartmarketing.org.

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