ClaroRead breaking down the barriers for dyslexic readers

Are you looking for a way to make reading easier and more enjoyable? 

Most people spend a considerable part of the day deciphering text, whether it is checking social media, glancing at magazine and newspaper headlines, using train timetables, looking out for road signs, following instructions on food packaging, reading our mail, emails and text messages. The list goes on. 

We understand that for someone with dyslexia words may get in the way of the message and processing information as you read it can become stressful.  

ClaroRead helps because it reads text aloud, letting youfocus on the meaning instead of stumbling over the individual words. The software makes reading a pleasure and users find they can work more independently, enjoy their learning and become more productive. It even works with pictures and there is a mobile app that can help with reading when they are out and about. 

There are many different voices to choose from: male and female, with different accents to suit preference or mood. You can also change the speed which is perfect when you are proofreading as the voice can be tailored exactly to your needs. If you have a particularly complex piece of writing to work through, or if you are struggling to understand the text, slow down the pace of delivery and give yourself extra time to think about the content. 

ClaroRead helps with editing as you can go over passages of text while you are composing and experiment with different phrasing. You can check spelling, grammar and homophones, those tricky words that sound alike but often have a very different meaning, so you can be sure that you are writing exactly what you mean to say. This reduces anxiety and embarrassment and lets you focus on the meaning and not be held back by individual words. 

Now there is no need to avoid reading and writing tasks or to ask other people for help because this clever software can identify and reduce the potential for mistakes.  ClaroRead will reread text out loud as many times as you want and, unlike family, friends and colleagues, it never gets impatient! 

ClaroRead breaks down barriers meaning you can focus on learning content not reading words. 

Getting Started

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