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At Remtek System’s every team member is personally involved in ensuring that students have the tools to use their DSA equipment and/or software comfortably and confidently.

We’re here to support DSA students in getting started with equipment and assistive technology. Our friendly engineers are on hand to help with any questions that you might have.

Getting started with your software or equipment can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in!

Our ‘Student Champions’ have come together to share their expertise. By gathering first-hand information from your feedback and questions we have been able to develop helpful content and advice to help you on your journey.

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Popular Categories

From ‘What to expect from your first training session’ to ‘How to read your DSA2 letter’. We’ve got it all here. Our team of DSA professionals and industry partners have all the guidance that you need to get started. Choose from one of our student categories to find what you’re looking for: 

Student Questions

We’re here to answer any questions that students might have, from what an ATSP is to how to get started with software applications.

Student Feedback 

Part of our process is gathering student feedback to improve service delivery and ensure that every student has the tools needed to progress.

Student Support 

Not sure who to call about a training session or equipment setup – we can help. Our student support team are here to answer your questions and get you started.

Get Involved

Are you a student, industry professional or DSA business? We’re always looking for ‘Student Champions’ to get involved in supporting the student journey. If you have advice or information that could be useful to students get in touch today. 

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0161 745 8353


0161 745 8353


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